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Level 6
All High pressure tanning beds and booths in general:
One session in level 6 beds is equivalent to 3-5 sessions on standard systems, with a state of the art filtration system filtering out most of the burning rays (UVB) found in UV light.
Achieve the darkest tan possible with just 4-5 sessions, then maintain that bronzed look with as little as 2-4 sessions per month.

Magic 636 Strongest Level 7 Tanning Bed NJ NJ PAMagic 363 Level 7 strongest tanning bed nj pa ny new jersey yorkMagic 636 worlds strongest tanning bed level 7
Magic 636 - Level 7 "world’s strongest tanning bed"

12-minute maximum tanning time
360 UVA high pressure bulbs
30/1200 watt high pressure tanning lamps (36,000 watts tanning power)
Special protective lamp glass to ensure NO BURNING at maximum levels of output
Voice activated system helps you understand how to adjust lamp power and body cooling controls
Open design for a more comfortable relaxing tan

amp 3 phase breaker

Room size-12 X 12

86” long by 65” deep by 81” high


Heraeus Ultra Pressure tanning bed nj ny pa
|Heraeus Ultra Pressure TANNING NJ NY PAvelocity used tanning bed nj ny
Heraeus Ultra Pressure™

15 Minute Exposure Time
18/1000W Heraeus Ultra Pressure™ tanning lamps 2/250W Heraeus Ultra Pressure™ shoulder lamps
Dimensions: 95"L x 69.5"W x 90"H
Recommended room size: 10'L x 10'W
360° tanning experience Contoured, suspended acrylic LED accent lighting
Easy access to electrical components Controllable power facial lamps Hinged cassettes for easy lamp access Hour meter integrated into timer system
Powerful total body cooling Integrated stereo system with 4 speakers and subwoofer 4 stereo inputs including; DMX®, salon stereo system, built-in FM tuner, iPod® device ready* Wireless T-Max® compatible Cooling System Variable speed integrated body cooling system Facial vents for face and neck cooling Advanced after tan cooling system
Superflow internal cooling system
Power 3 Phase, 220 VOLT (preferred) 4 wire dedicated circuit 3 Phase-80 AMP circuit breaker -or- Single phase, 220 VOLT 3 wire dedicated circuit Single phase-150 AMP circuit breaker

Velocity video:

Black Sun Infinity High Presssure Tanning Bed NJ NY PA
Black Sun Infinity 360 hi pressure:
Double sided hi pressure model
Less than 1500 hours
10 minute max session
50 amp 3 phase breaker, pulls only 38 amps at 240V
Comes apart in sections, very easy to take apart and move
Blue UV filter glass
High fidelity CD player and twin speakers
(25) 800 watt lamps
104’’ long by 59’’ deep by 55’’ high (67’’ open)
nj ny pa used tanning beds preowned tan ultrasun turbo 2500untrasun turbo 2500 tanning bed new jersey new york pa
Ultrasun Turbo 2500 non burning bronzing bed

10 minute session
Canopy Lamps 21-180W (3,780W)
Base Lamps 15-1000W (15,000W)
Shoulder tanner: 6-25W (150W)
Dimensions (Open) LxWxH): 97" x 56" x 62"
Min. Room Size 10'2" L x 9'2" W
Amperage-draw 65 A (68 A)
Breaker Size 85 amp
Wire Size: 4-3 plus ground
Buck/Boosters 2x 3.0 kVA (16/32)


Sunsport 2012  used preowned tanning beds nj pa ny tanning beds
Sunsport 2012 (blue & white)
Has 21- 1,500 watt high pressure quartz lamps combined with state of the art filter glass to provide the most effective UVA transmittance for fast, long lasting results.

Has the newer glass and filters.

Equipped with a soft, comfortable and spacious mattress that eliminates pressure points, Has dual speed air conditioning.

15 minute session

3-phase 80 amp breaker

Ultrabronze Super Nova tanning beds for sale nj ny pa used reconditioned
Ultrabronze Super Nova
18-1000 watt facials on top and comfortable mattress on bottom 9 minute session on each side
Hollywood Tans High Pressure Standups with dressing rooms tanning beds used for sale nj ny pa
Hollywood Tans High Pressure Standups with dressing rooms (stainless steel color)
(38) high pressure 400 watt facials
Oversized fan for no sweat session
10 minute session
Non burning standup
3-phase 70 amp breaker

PA: (570)762-9944    NY: (845) 536-7653


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