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Level 5
All high pressure lamps on top

Ibed high pressure tanning beds nj ny pa

Nice eye candy bed-63 Total Lamps
25 160w Eternal Sun® XP® 160R by Cosmedico
5 180w Eternal Sun® XP® R 2.0m by Cosmedico®
9 250w Heraeus® Swing PowerSpot® High Pressure Facials
Shoulder: 2 250w Heraeus® PowerSpot® High Pressure
Shoulder/Neck: 2 250w Heraeus® PowerSpot® High Pressure
Lounge: 20 160w Eternal Sun® XP® 160R by Cosmedico®
Air-conditioned XXL lounge acrylic
Air-conditioned full body cooling
Misty Breeze®-body mist
Up to 4 minutes AfterBronzer®
MP3 audio system

Tanses 52 premier tanniung bed prerowned nj ny pa
Tanses 52-Premier

The Fastest Tanning 52-Lamp Bed on the Market!

The Tanses 52-Premier is similar to the Tanses 32-Prime. It is a low-pressure sunbed that consists of 52 160 watt Tanses VHR lamps. When looking at this bed, you will still notice the lamps are very close together, but the increased quantity of lamps provides a larger, more comfortable tanning surface with a more contoured acrylic.

The contour, or curvature, of the acrylic decreases the pressure points caused by the reduced circulation of laying on a flat surface. The increased number of lamps provides an overall increase in wattage resulting in a faster tan.

The maximum tanning time on the Tanses 52-Premier is 10 minutes.


 Future Sun HP used reconditioned tanning beds for sale ny nj pa new york new jersey

 Future Sun HP (purple)
20 x High-pressure lamps 500W in canopy
4 x High-pressure facial lamps 650W
21 x 180 watts low-pressure reflector lamps in the bench
10 minute session
Air conditioner
German designed and manufactured bed
3-phase 80 amp breaker

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